Daily Schedule

November 25th

  • Send me an email and tell me your evalutions of the first trimester.
    • no requirements on content of length, just a chance to have some imput before the next trimester starts.
  • Continue to work on your Digication assignment.
  • Review your final and look at the problems you missed
    • (For up to 5 extra work habits points for Trimester 2 correct and explain why you got the problems wrong)
    • Due the Monday after Thanksgiving Break
  • Review your progress reports
    • No new assignments can be turned in, but let me know if their are mistakes on your grade.

November 20th

  • Finish late work
  • Work on posting one piece of work on digication

November 19th

November 18th

  • Finish late work
  • Begin working on digital portfollios

November 17th

  • Finish late work
  • Work on finishing power projects and updating wiki

November 12th

  • Continue working gathering data during class


  • Start entering data in Excel if you have it

November 11th

  • No school - Veterans Day

November 10th

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