Bailey S Electic Generator


Energy Project

Bailey Bush
There is basically one way that we use to generate power. There is always something spinning, weather it is by steam, running water, or, on a small scale, a hand crank. There is always a magnetic field made between two big magnets and there is wire moving through the field, causing electric current. The electric current flows through the wire to were every the wire ends. I am going to attach wires to the underside of one of the spinning office chairs. Then I will attach magnets to the bottom of the chair ad then spin the chair. The spinning motion of the magnets inside the wire will create an electric current. The generator will take the kinetic energy of the spinning chair and turn it in to electrical energy to power the heating plate witch will make the water in the pot boil. I think that this is the best idea because its easy to make and it will be the most efficient. It will also be fun, I mean who doesn’t like spinning around on a spinney chair? Its fun and gets the job done. I also think that the project will coast the least, there are lots of old office chairs out in the hall under the stairs. The way I thought of this project was by thinking about the cranking idea. All the crank does is go around in circles, so does the office chair. I was spinning around in the chair at the time anyway, so I put it down. To attach the wires to the chair I was thinking of using more conducter wire. It would stand up straight off the legs of the chair and hold a ring of wire around the spinning part of the chair. I would have used tape or glue to attach the magnets. Then all you need to do is spin the chair around and it will create a magnetic current that goes through the wires and into the hotplate. The things that I don’t know about this project yet and can find out are how fast we will have to spin the chair to get what amount of energy, what kind of magnets would be big enough to make a good sized magnetic field. I also want to find out how fast we would have to spin the chair to make it efficient. If we have o spin it way to fast to make only a little energy then we need to rethink the project. If we found out how much electricity it puts out then we could also calculate how long it would take to heat up the hot plate and boil the water and make sure that its under ten minutes. I think that my idea would be the most efficient to because my other teammates are doing things like hydroelectric generator and wind powered generators. Over all I think that my idea would be the most efficient, coast the least and be the easiest to build and operate. We have almost all the parts we need rite in the classroom and school and would only have to check if the magnets that we have in school are big enough to generate a strong magnetic field. Our group should use my idea of attaching magnets and wires to the bottom of a spinney chair.


Spinning office chair
Duck tape
Wooden blocks (2” x 2”x 5”)
Copper wire
5 Wooden dowels (2” tall each)

How we created this project was by finding an old office chair under the stairs at school. We then took of the wheels and the back and put wooden blocks were the wheels had been for more stability. Then we took wire and wrapped it loosely around the pedestal about a hundred times. Then we tapped magnets onto the pedestal inside the loose wire. We then took dowels that were 2 inches tall and taped them to the legs of the chair. We then taped the wire ring on to the dowels and took the two ends, sanding off the insulation on the outside of the wire. We then taped the two ends of he wires in to place next to each other and made them into little loops so it would be easier to hook up the volt meter and test the experiment.


Our project worked, it just wasn’t very efficient. We got results, but we didn’t get a lot of energy generated, so the project wasn’t very efficient. Our hypothesis was correct and we mite have not done enough coils of wire or we could have not had enough magnets. If we had more time then we could have made more coils of wire around the pedestal and fund or bought more magnets. Then the project would have worked better.

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