Basketball Schedule

Girls Basketball Boosters

If you have questions or can help out, email us at gro.retrahcnoitavonni|samohtj#gro.retrahcnoitavonni|samohtj or gro.retrahcnoitavonni|nesnejs#gro.retrahcnoitavonni|nesnejs.

Current Projects

Pancake Breakfast (June 23rd)

Thanks for all of your help. We made $352 profit that morning.

Exhibition Night Pizza Sale (June 24th)

Exhibition night was a little slow, but we still made $104 and had soda and candy bars left over for next time.

T-Shirts for Ice Cream Social

We wanted to try to design a simple t-shirt that served to help raise visibillity of the high basketball program. We want to keep the price down, and are planning on initially getting about 20 printed up. We were going to sell them at the ice cream social, and also have some information for new prospective players.

How can you help?
Do you have an idea for a design? Do you know of any local places we could get this done rather than looking for a company on the internet?

Long Term Goals for Girls Basketball

  1. More recognition
    • ???? Do you have ideas
  2. More games (16-20)
  3. Home Court
    • And recruit more fans
  4. Fundrasing (transportation and uniform needs)
    • Exhibition Night Pizza Sales
    • Quality Night (Spaghetti??) (next year as the format changes)
    • Pancake Breakfast
    • 3 on 3 Tournament and Free Throw Competition
      • Prize of Six Flag Tickets, or Celtics game tickets?? Other suggestions?
    • T-Shirts and Fliers at ice cream social

Basketball Pants and Numbers

Finances (posted after 6/23

Prior to the pancake breakfast, all $ either invested in equipment or food for the pancake breakfast or exhibition night.

6/23/09 Pancake Breakfast = $352
2/14/09 Coffee Sales = $50
6/24/09 Pizza Sales = $104
6/24/09 Change from Costco soda and candy bars = $16

** Total Revenue = $528.25 **

Other Assets:

  • Enough supplies for another pancake breakfast (moving with Ms. Jenson's summer stuff)
  • Soda and candy bars for another Exhibition night sale.
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