Step 3: Brainstorm
  1. Soda Bottle Generator (as seen on Jess's page)
  2. Sationary Bike generator, working similar to the soda bottle generator but larger scale (ideas for which are shown on Maggie and Jess's pages)
  3. Hydro-Generator of some sort, probably similar to the one shown in the hydro-powered generator packet (talked about on Jess's page)
  4. Lime battery
  5. Grapefruit battery
  6. Potato battery
  7. Tomato battery
  8. Cardboard box generator (shown on Jess's page)
  9. A crank generator like they have in hand-powered flashlights
  10. Homemade battery using copper and zinc (as seen on Jess's page
  11. Bleach battery (seen on Jess's page)
  12. Electric, magnetic genorator (as seen on Maggie's page)
  13. solar-powered genorator

Jess is doing the stationary bike generator, and Maggie is doing the van de grafft generator.

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