For our project, I was thinking that we could experiment with water wheels/turbines. I read about them, and it is on one of the websites. If we could "tone it down" a bit, I think we could pull it off.

Basically, a water wheel/turbine is something you create that when the water makes the wheels turn, it creates energy.

Materials/systems we would need to have/create a plastic turbine would be:

-a plastic water jug with the bottom cut out so the water can flow through it
-spoons hot glued together to make the rotor/wheel
-copper wire
-a magnet
-an available water source

Eventually, once it is connected and set up, the water would make the spoons spin, and the motion of the spoons on twisted copper would create electrons. If you have a piece of iron in the middle of those copper wires, you make a very strong magnet. When the electrons get pushed out too fast, apparently, that's what makes it a generator.

( This was not my original idea…you can find this at )

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