Beginning Bridges

Bridge Rubric.pdf

1. (15 points) Read the purple packet and answer the questions in it. (There are two questions)

  • If you lost your copy of the purple packet, you can get more in the second drawer of the tan filing cabinet in the science room
  • Here is Appendix A

2. (100 points) With your group, build a test a bridge using the gold packet.

3. (15 points) Read the blue packet and answer the questions in it. (There are four questions)

4. (25 points) Follow the directions in the gray packet and create test strips to test. Record your data and create a graph to represent the data.

5. (75 points) Using the information from the graph, make some conclusions about the member being graphed. (Be sure to use any language that you can to show that you read the instructions and understand the concepts of force from the readings in the packets.)

  • What is the shape of the graph? (If you can make some mathematical connections)
  • What can you assume based on the graph?
  • What are the similarities between the two graphs (bars vs. tubes)?
  • What are differences?

Rather than focusing on the surface level of what you might see, please do some thinking about why the materials might have responded how they did, and how you can connect this to other different applications and broader concepts.

6. (20 points) Read the packet for activity 4(Salmon colored). Answer the question at the end of the packet. Then write a paragraph summarizing what you read. This should convince me that you read and understood it.

7. (150 points) Use Westpoint Bridge Designer to design a bridge that is as efficient as possible. The most efficient bridge will be able to carry the load while using the least resources. Your group will get one grade.

Scoring on Bridge Design

Once all groups have completed their designs, the best design will get full points (150). You will get a percentage of those points based on the % that your bridge is over priced For example, if the most efficient design was $2,000,000 and your bridge cost 2,500,000, your score would be:

\begin{align} {\left[1- \frac{(2,500,000-2,000,000)} {2,000,000}\right]}150 = 112.5 \end{align}

Or Generically

\begin{align} {\left[1- \frac{(Your Cost-Best Cost)} {Best Cost}\right]}150 = Your Points \end{align}
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