Chris Hydro Power Project

This is my 2 page paper.

Chris Riemer

I’ll start with a short history of hydropower. Waterwheels have been in use in India, China, and just about everywhere else since hundreds of years ago. Since then, we’ve taken the idea and evolved it until it produces enormous amounts of energy. China produces the most by far, with the U.S. in fourth behind Canada and Brazil. My job was to take the idea that has led to the building of many huge dams, such as the Hoover, and make it small, inexpensive, and capable of producing enough energy to boil a cup of water.
In big hydroelectric generators on rivers, or dams, the general idea is this: the water flows down into pipes, or “penstocks” and spins the turbine. The turbine spins the generator. Generators aren’t that complicated, and the hydroelectric ones work like this: the powerful magnets inside the generator rotates close to insulated wire coils. The insulated wires make a flow of electrons. The electrons become an electrical current when the generator is connected to an electric circuit.
Though the generator is the most complicated part, the other parts like the turbine are just as important to make the whole thing work. The turbine “runners” or blades, can be made out of a variety of things. The one I liked most was a cork with spoon heads sticking out in eight places.
The construction would most likely be cheap, but the inside of the generator would be a bit fiddly and I’m not sure we have all the materials in the class. The turbine would be really easy, just some spoons, a cork, and hot glue gun. All in all, I think the hydroelectric generator would work really well. I think we would hook it up to a hot plate or even microwave pretty easily, but we might want to turn off the light in the microwave to keep it from using too much power. If we made the generator, just holding it under a sink would hopefully make enough electricity.

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