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this is chris's brain storm page because someone is using the other brain storm page and it locks like it frooze therefore i am not waiting for it to open because i want to get back to video games also do not edit this page my gruop or i will be mad

so during my resaerch today i found these electroo magnet generators that could possibly work. they have to be started by something but they can continue to run saving the energy it takes in. here is the link

what i typed in on google was homade and simple electric generators

there were many type of different examples on that one page. and with that many examples out of that page also.

this webstie says that the generators could be run by a drill there for you could start it by hand but after that you cuold run power to the drill and hot plate som the generater could power itself. it did say that it could put of enough votage to power power tools.
and therefore i think we might have a potentail candidite….
Chris Riccio
i like strikethrough

another idea i had was to make our own battery. this is made with quarters, paper towels, and tinfoil. then it is soaked in a vineger and salt salution. i got this idea for the dangerous book for boys by gonn and hal inngundenn. another idea that i also had around the same time was to take the parts for a electric motor from a zip zap micro rc car and use them in a new homade generator to power the hot plate but sadly they dont put out a lot of power )^:

i typed in the same thing as yesterday an this came up too. this seams also like a good idea. we could make it esily and try out different combos like he said to try. so im think of testing that top one on this page or this one i just posted.
Chris out!
still like strikethrough!!

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