Chris S Shaking Generator

for my final peice what i am doing is making a electro generator that can be used to power any thing. when this generator is moving it puts of enough voltage to power led lights.
im using the following materials to make.( i also need these materials).

1. copper wire
2. plastic tube to spin it around
3. plastic plates
4. duct and electrical tape
5. magnets
6. lots of patience(thats the thing i need)

it it is made with the following steps

1. take the plastic tube and plastic plates to make a spool to put the wire on
2. wrap the copper wire around spool
3. cover one end of tube
4. place magnets inside of tube
5. cover other end
6. sand of paint at each end of wire

so today in school i went back to the original site to get some more info so i can make a better voltage producer ind this is one of the links fo the site

still like strikethrough

that is what im planning on doing

so for my project with all the shaking it up and down my hand would probaly fall of
so what i decided to do is make some sort of thing that would hold and spin my project for me at an equivilant speed
the following is my paper for this project

Chris Riccio
Generator project

The generator I want to investigate is a hand shaker motor. This generator works like a backward motor Instead of the coil of copper wire moving around inside the generator it goes opposite. The magnet instead moves around in the center of the coil. How the coil is held is by a plastic tube.

This motor is actually very simple to make. It is made with copper wire, a plastic tube, cardboard, earth magnets, and electrical tape. How you make it is you take the film canister and cardboard to make a spool to wind the wire on. Next you drill a hole through the container and stick the wire through. You then secure a little bit of the wire away from the spool and start wrapping on the other side. You wrap about 500 to 1000 turns to make your generator. You then leave a little bit of the end of the wire on the same side of the reel as the other end but not touching the one you started with. You then put one earth magnet into the container and secure the whole thing withe electrical tape. Then you are done making your generator.

This motor works because the magnet moves inside when you shake the generator with something connected to the copper wire that is hanging of the end. When you shake, it the magnet is moving around inside of the copper wire forming a type of electro magnet generator. This works because of the magnet shaking inside of the copper wire it is magnetizing the wire causing electrons to flow through the circuit as electricity. This therefore lights your object of choice. When you shake it with the amount of wire in the directions the website said that you can get about 4 volts of energy running your device. But the thing is the website said to try different variations of the magnets and copper wire to make a possibly stronger generator.

The changes I am planning on making to this motor are instead of using a film canister using a plastic tube. This will enable me to use a greater amount of wire therefore it could potentially put of more energy. The other thing I would like to try is to add more magnets. With a stronger pull of magnetic force on the wire it could possibly also create a greater amount of volts. The other and final change I would like to make is to make some sort of contraption that this device could move on with ut it moving wildly out of control and so the wires connected to the copper wont fall off of the object it is powering. This is how I plan on changing this motor.


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