October 24th

  • Continue working on projects (due next Friday)

October 23rd

Room cleanup (bonus work habits points)

Finding articles and PROPERLY printing a copy for the class (bonus research points)

  • Go over assignement sheet
  • Begin writing


October 17th

  • Begin watching this story by clicking on listen now.

October 16th

  • Take attendance
  • Take STEM survey
  • Hand in experimentation sheets and lab reports
  • Label projects and clean out bins of materials
  • Show how Google Documents works


  • No homework

October 14th

Oh no, what happened?? I missed a whole week!

Just because so many students have emailed me today, I wanted to clarify that the projects will be tested tomorrow, and the lab reports are due on Thursday. Email me with questions.

October 6th


  • Finish preparing project presentations
    • If you don't have power point, please still be prepared for your 5 minute presentation
  • Respond to the teacher email in your student account

October 3rd

  • Project work day


October 2nd

  • 3rd and 4th Period
    • Snap circuits lab day 2
  • 5th Period
    • Project work day


  • Post 2 page paper on the wiki

October 1st

  • 3rd and 4th Period
    • Snap circuits lab day 1


  • Start working on power point slides and planning to complete project on time.
  • Have your wiki pages made (You individual ones for your individual project) and up to date
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