September 30th

  • 5th Period
    • Snap circuits lab day 1


  • No Homework (School wide)

September 29th

Tasks to complete:

  • Make sure each person in the group has a page to put their individual work on. This page should link from your groups page in the appropriate place. When you are on the page, look up at the web address to see what the official name of your page is. It is the part after http://www.innovationcharterschool.wikidot.com/
    • If you need to make a page, you can do it by typing the following: ETS:Name of new page|How you want people to see the name in three sets of brackets (If I type it in here, it will make it link so you can't see it at all)
  • Write your page name on the sheet taped to the board and write the topic of your project. (5 work habits points)
  • By Wednesday, everyone needs to have their wikidot usernames set up so they can access the wiki with their password. There are no exceptions to this, so if you feel that you will have trouble, you can try it during class so you can ask questions. On Tuesday during class I will read a list of people who have done this correctly. (Worth 10 work habits points)
  • Work on building your project. (The finished product will be worth 60 Modeling points)

No homework … .

September 26th

Period 3 and 4

  • Quiz on scale
  • Work on building your projects in class
    • No Homework

Period 5

  • Quiz on scale
  • ETF chapter 2 and 4
    • Homework: Chapter 4 questions

September 24th and 25th

  • Constructing Projects


  • No Homework!

September 23rd

  • Review isometric drawings
  • Begin constructing projects


  • No extra homework. Please catch up on your work and if you had to revise your 2 page paper revisions are due on Wednesday!

September 22nd

  • X2 grades are almost up to date
  • Hand back papers
    • Revisions are due on Wednesday or you get an F
  • Review Packet 1.3 - Quiz on Friday


  • Finish Packet pages 31-38
  • Do any late work that you have, which might include:
    • Finish packet 1.3
    • Pick a SIMPLE part of your project - Make one orthographic and one isometric drawing.
    • Revising your 2 page paper on the science behind the project you are working on.

September 19th

  • Turn in 2 page papers
    • Every day it is late you lose 5 points
  • Quiz on Ohm's Law
    • Worth 8 points.
    • If you don't get at least a 6, you should plan on being at extra help on Thursday.
  • Introduction to scale drawings - Read Packet 1.3


  • Please don't spend more than 45 mintues on this homework, but do come to class with questions.
    • Complete Packet 1.3
    • Pick a SIMPLE part of your project - Make one orthographic and one isometric drawing.

September 18th

  • Review motors
  • More notes on circuits (Diodes, Capacitors, Inductors)
  • Independnent work on projects with group check-ins


  • Finish final copy of two page paper for friday
  • Be ready to present it to your classmates
  • Make sure all writing is in your own words

September 17th


  • Spend 40 minutes on your two page papers due on FRIDAY!

September 16th

  • Review project progress
  • Overview on series and parallel circuits
  • Independent work on pojects and group check-ins


  • Spend 45 minutes working on two page papers

September 15th


  • 30 minutes of research
  • Begin working on background information for your project (10-15 minutes)
    • 2 page - double spaced paper that explains the science behind how your individual topic works. This will involve defining all terms and explaining in a way that any average adult would understand. This knowledge will form the basis for your later drawings and protypes. We will spend more time on this during the week. The completed paper will be due on Friday.

September 12th

  • Talk about honors requirements and interest(5 mins)
  • Notes DC and AC Voltage (10 mins)
  • Notes on how motors work (15 mins)
  • Group work (30 mins) with team check in


September 11th

  • Went over last nights homework
  • Brainstormed Good Search Keywords
  • Reviewed P=VI and V=IR Problems
  • Worked independently on proects


  • Spend 30 more minutes on your project
  • If you page is not correct, please fix it
  • Each team needs to start a brainstorm page and have at least three ideas

September 10th

  • Check on wiki pages
  • Take notes on power
  • Do practice calculations
  • Write statement of need with team and begin researching

September 9th

  • Remember to turn in your signed copy of page 2 (Today is the last day!!!!)


  • Basics of electricity
  • Introduce project
  • Form groups


  • Make a team page on the wiki

September 8th

  • Turn in signed copy of page 2 (Procedures and Policies)
  • Finish Mouse Trap Challenge
  • Talk about the Engineering Design Process
  • Craftsmanship
  • Teamwork
  • Thinking outside of the box


  • Write a paragraph about what you learned from your mouse trap car

September 5th

  • Mouse Trap Challenge

No Homeork (Unless you want to work on your car)

September 4th

No Homework

September 3rd

Homework - try to post a reply on the wiki forum (This didn't work, but if you tried you got EXTRA CREDIT)

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