Emily S 2 Page Paper

In Science class we were asked to figure out a way to generate electricity for a mixer and to test the solution. Six volts is the amount of electricity that the mixer needs to run. The class did this separated into groups. In each group, every person was responsible for researching one possible idea in depth. I decided that crank generators interested me and I focused on this type of generator as a solution. A crank generator is basically a generator powered by moving a crank. It is a very good way for powering the needed electricity.

A generator is a machine that produces electricity. It turns mechanical energy into electrical energy. Mechanical energy is energy of motion or work and electrical energy is made with electric particles. Electrical energy is made with magnets as they are attracted and repelling each other. In a generator there are: field magnets, brushes, a rotor, axle, commutator and stator. Field magnets (there are two of them) create a magnetic field and do not move. They are attached to the stator. The stator is the stationary part of the motor and holds everything together. Everything that moves is called the rotor or armature and the commutator is an electronic switch that has the brushes on it. It converts AC (alternating current) energy into DC (direct current) energy. The axle is the piece that goes down the middle and is the center of rotation.

On each rotor there is a magnet and these magnets are drawn to the opposite pole. If the right field magnet is north and one of the rotors is south then it is drawn to that field magnet. The poles on the rotors are constantly changed so that they are moving all the time and generating electricity. In effect, magnetism is used to make electricity. Two rotors are usually activated at the same time but there are three so that the rotors do not get stuck in the middle of both field magnets.
A crank generator is involves the same principals as above but requires that someone turn (or crank) the axle which would result in turning the rotors so that magnetic field would be created.

A crank generator is a good idea for this project because there are some simple instructions on the internet about making them that would just require some adjustments to make it more powerful. It is easy to make and uses no batteries to generate a small amount of electricity. In addition this method of generating electricity is ecologically sound and provides good exercise for your arms. You could even devise a method to hook the crank to a stationary bicycle and create electricity by pedaling.

For more information on generators, and specifically crank generators, consult the following website that shows a moving diagram of a crank generator that you can play around with: http://www.wvic.com/how-gen-works.htm.

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