Flat Plate Collector Research


This site sort of backs up the flat plate collector idea that was given by Casey. This gives information, and partly explains why it is made up that way, and how it changes solar energy into heat energy so that we can power up the water. Not only that, but it also shows the percentage of solar energy given by 6 locations - Seattle, Chicago, Boston, Los Angeles, Denver, and Phoenix. Apparently, in Boston, about 55% of energy is provided by the sun (which is pretty cool!) -Jenzel

i think that a combination of the flat plate collector and an insulated tank is he best idea. a flat plate collector can make it hot, but it can only hold so much water. an insulated tank makes it hard for the heat to get to the cold water. both are not a long term solution for the school,(the water in the flat plate collector will freeze) but for this project, it will work. ~ Casey<3


I found this site it explains about flat plate genorators and the pro and cons of it. like Casey i also think the flat plate and the insulated tank is the best idea. we would have to find a big enough tank with a thin top layer would like work better in my opion becuase then the heat an get to the cold water to heat it… we need to think of some way to make the water not freeze like casey said maybe we culd used heat sensored lights???? -Maggie

this should be fairly cheap, but, as it says later in the article, it is
likely to freeze up in the winter. it does offer some possible solutions, though.

This website showed both our original idea (the flatplate solar panel) and another one that I like. It is called a photovoltaic solar panel. There are a couple of layers: (sandwiching) thin layers of both positive and negative silicon beneath a layer of non reflective glass. I think that it could be possible for us to do something like this, but not to the extreme. It seems like it would be efficient, and it wouldn't be too hard to put together. Therefore, it is a suitable idea.~Nicole

This website gave a lot of good information on solar panels. If we needed a different type of solar panel, or een if we don't agree, this website would giveus a lot of information on the different types of solar panels. I still think that the flatplate solar panel is a good choice, but this website is very good for backup.~Nicole

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