Zach,Cam,Andrew,and Kevin

Step 4: Our Brain Storming Ideas.

1. Our first idea is from our page and Julie found it ,it is how to build a motor. It seems like a good idea and simple enough to build.
2. Our second idea is how to make a hand cranked genera tor. This idea might use a lot of effort.
3. Another idea is how to build a frequency generator. Not the best idea but it should work.
4. Here is another idea. It is a wind turbine.
5. Another idea is an electrostatic motor.
6. Also an ultra simple generator. It was found on
7. Another idea is a soda bottle generator.
8. Here is another idea it is a potato generator.
9. A hydrogen cell generator with common house hold items.
10. A wooden wind generator. It is just a wind mill.
11. A bucket-borne hydroelectric generator.
12. An easy to build operation introduction generator.
13. Last but not least a thumbnail generator.

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