Group 2 Julie Rebecca Ruby

RUBY:My idea is to make a motor the way I'm thinking about making a motor is by using different wires and using different having different kind of wires attached to a flashlight. I think it wouldn't be that different than making an energy tool work. I defenatly would also like to use an idea like using parts of metal to make my idea work.

BRAIN STORMING:We are thinking about making a motor out of a metal. We are also thinking about doing a battery potato.we are trying to also do some kind microwave thing that actually could work. You guys finish the rest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

REBECCA: I'm going to make a battery out of a potato. I will need a potato cut in half, a shine penny and if the penny's not shiny then i will need steel wool to rub the penny that will take off some of the oxidations, a knife to make a small incision to place the penny in, a galvanized steel nail, possibly a multimeter to tell how many volts I am getting out of the potato battery, and LED to show if the battery works, and some anode and cathode wires.

JULIE i was thinking about first making a ruber heat engine, but then i relized it would do no help to the project so i dissed to research how to make a simple Electric Generator.And i found
this shows how to make a simple gerator out of raw matrials. I think this would be very usefull in our project. An electric generator is a device used to convert mechanical energy into electrical energy. in this mechain uses a crank (kindof) to confert energy to make a lightball run.

JOSH:I'm thinking about doing a turbine

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