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Jackson Hickey

Solar Power
The basic idea of solar power is to harness the energy from the sun (since it is an infinite source of energy). To describe the way solar panels work I will describe what is in the panel first.


As you can see in the picture there are many layers they are labeled and don’t need any more defining, the silicon layer is the exception. The silicon layer is split up into two layers the N-layer and the P-layer. These are both made of silicone. The P-layer has extra spots for electrons while the N-layer is doped so it has extra electrons. What happens is an extra electron from the N-layer goes to the P-layer and the N-layer continues to absorb photovoltaic cells from the suns light and turns them into electrons, making a continuous stream of electrons. The only problem with this process is that it can’t be stored for future use (not yet at least) so you have to use it right away.

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