Janelle's Research


this video shows how to make a batery out of a lemon a penny and a nail. they also use a LED . i thought this was useful because it gives me an idea of how we could make a battery to boil water and they are simple materials but i dont like it because it doesnt have enough volts and it is preety weak so i dont think this is a good idea.


I liked this because it was helpful but mostley on car batteries, but it says what makes up a battery as well which i thought helped. it could help us figure out what parts to use to build this but i think it might be difficult. it wasn't that easy to follow and it might not help us in our project.


this website was really helpful. it wasn't just a link. it had a bunch of diffrent sections on diffrent types of batteries so it was very useful. i didn't like it because it took a while to find what i needed.


this website was very easy to follow and it had all the steps in order from 1 to 4 so i think that is a good idea because the materials are easy to get and it says if it all goes well it will last a while.

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