Jenzel's Research


I used this website to research the 2-page paper on how solar energy works. If anyone wants to learn the science behind solar energy, here's the website. I would say that this is a pretty good website, because everything is split up very well, and in a way that a person can understand easily. Plus, it contains diagrams so that it helps people to understand even more when they're given some kind of visual aid.

We can probably use this website to get an idea of how to make up a solar panel if we can't actually get/buy an actual solar panel. I still don't get this idea, but maybe if we have many of these, it can efficiently power up the solar water heater. searched: solar water heaters

This is a really good website about solar water heaters. It explains why solar water heaters are good for the environment, and it also explains how it works. Apparently, there are many different designs for creating a solar water heater depending on the environment and climate of the area. Not only that, but it also shows a couple of diagrams and explains what the diagrams say. Very very good website, I must say…

Well, this website explains how solar water heaters work, why they are a good alternative, and some background information about it, but it doesn't seem to contain that much information. Not only that, but there are no diagrams, and there is only one picture of a solar panel on a roof of a house.

This website seems to promote a company to installing a solar water heating system in your house. Here, it explains the benefits of solar water heaters, and says that there are two types of solar water heating systems - passive or active. There is also a picture of the USA and some colors on it explaining something that I don't really know. Maybe it is the type of solar water heater that works best for that area…Anyways, this is more to promote rather than to inform.

This website supposedly says that a solar water heater can be made for less than five dollars. It also says that we need access to a dumpster of some sort. It shows it step by step (very good idea to organize) and it also contains images throughout each step. Maybe, by looking at one of the comments, we can find out whether this can actually work or not, and possibly use this as our idea to heat up the water. searched: Build a Simple Solar Cell

Another "instructables" website that I found about making a solar heater. Just looking at the materials needed, apparently, it seems that we need lumber, glass, paint, staples, etc. It was used to heat up a person's garage, and it is able to hold heat. Maybe we can use this idea for our solar water heater?

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