Jenzel's Solar Research

This website shows a step-by-step instruction on using everyday objects around the house to create an efficient solar panel. This can give me an idea on how I am going to make the solar panel that is going to power up the hot plate.
This explains how to create a solar panel from broken solar cells. Maybe i can use this idea to power up the mixer with 6 volts…I'm just not sure about the materials needed.

Google searched: how solar power works
This website describes a bit on how solar power mainly works. It talks about the materials used and exactly how sunlight becomes electricity that can be used to power up electrical objects.
This is another website that also shows how a solar panel works. Unlike the other website, this was separated by numbers, so it seemed to be easier to understand than the other.
This explains how solar panels work as well, and it is exactly structured as the website that we were supposed to look into before about motors. I seemed to understand more about solar panels from this website, as it is really explanatory and accurate as well.

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