Jess's Research

Searched "Soda Bottle Generator": This is specific to one type of generator, but it explains how to make it in detail, which is rather helpful. The idea is good and leaves room for modification. It seems like it would work well for our project if it was modified to produce a more steady stream of electricity than what it currently would unmodified. This one is a different idea from the same website in a similar section, but it's also helpful, and also gives a general idea of what is necessary to make this type of generator (electro-static). This idea is really just a less powerful version of the first one I found, but it leaves even more room to change it and make it fit our needs more.

Searched "mini hydro power":
This is an entirely different idea, and the site was relatively helpful, even though the project it talks about is 10 times too big. It leaves a lot of room for modification, while giving a good idea of the structure for water-powered generators. Water power generators seem like a good possibility.

Hydroelectric Generator Packet:
This is one of the most specific information sources out of all the ones I have used. It explains step by step in good detail what you need to do to make this project and makes the project seem entirely build-able. This is the best source content-wise of every single other source I've looked at so far (and it has pictures which are really helpful), the downside is it took like 15 minutes to read and was really boring.

Searched "create your own power": This invention seems like a good idea, but involves things that we don't have and cost too much to buy. It would probably have to be on a smaller scale anyway, but it has a good idea, and we could probably create something that works in the same way but cheaper.

Searched "DC generator": This website doesn't actually say how to build anything, or anything different from what I already figured out how to build, but the nifty animation on the opening page shows why what I found works and how to use them to make an efficient generator. This could be helpful in building our own variation of DC generator.

Searched "homemade battery": This seems like a pretty good idea since it's pretty specific and is what they make real batteries out of anyway. I'm not sure if copper and zinc sulfate solutions would count as household/cheaply obtainable products, but if they do, then this is a good idea.

Search "bleach battery": This page has a few good ideas and it's pretty detailed about showing which versions work and which don't. I like the tables it has on there showing voltage and current. The bleach battery seems pretty good if bleach is allowed in school.

Searched "How do bike powered generators work": This site is really helpful and is perfect for the information I'm trying to get out of it.

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