Jessica Shelby Niamh And Lora Step 3


1. Hand Crank Generator
2. Double Hand Crank Generator} Shelby's Crank Generator Page
3. Shake Generator
4. Lemon Generator
5. Jalapeno Generator
6. Potato Generator
7. Mixed food Generator} Jessica's Food Generator Page
8. Water Power Generator} Lora's Water Generator Page
9. Electrolyte and food Generator
10. Combination of any of these for more power
11. Homemade Battery} Niamh's Battery Page
12. Solar powered Generator
13. Wind Powered


I think we should look at how the hand crank generator used to power the LED light in class was made. We could duplicate something like that, only on a larger scale if needed. Cranking wouldn't be that tiring if we all switched turns.
There was one website I found that showed a magnetic generator with the north and south poles.
I also found a website that has two really great and simple ideas with complete steps to making a crank generator and shake generator. We could use those ideas.
Niamh gave this idea in class, that we could mix the jalapeno lemon pepper ideas.
There was this video for a homemade battery in a can. We could do that.
Or, we could do a homemade solar powered generator.


I really don't know what to do either. I like shelby's idea; but I saw alot of what Lora saw. I found that a lemon would generate about 4.92 volts and the jalapeno pepper had 4.71 volts. The very simple generator was all over the net, and would have worked but might need more voltage. I am not sure. I think Shelby's shake and crank generator are really good ideas.


I'm not sure what we should do, we can make an electric powered one using magnets and coil, a fruit powered one, or a water powered one. So far it says that the water powered one can produce .7 volts of power, and i still need to find out how much volts that other options can produce. Mostly all the websites i found weren't that great, except for the one with the video.
All of the generators i saw that uses coil and magnets looked the same, and pretty simple to make, the only problem was that you have to crank it which might not be that effective.and can get tiring. If we can find a way to attach something to the crank and make it turn faster then we can make it go, it might produce more power, and will use less energy coming from us. I am also still looking of a differnt option using copper wires and magnets, like a different model, but i havent been able to find it because i dont know what to call it in the search bar.

I also searched on yahoo answers, but no answers appeared, and the answer that did wasn't too helpful because they didn't understand the question. Because of the links i found, and even though i did spend a little more then 30 minutes, i haven't gotten very far into a possible solution for a generator that we can make.


I think that we should use a lemon for a generator on you tube i found this realy easy way to make it. If that doesnt work we could also use potatoes. but of course if we didnt want to ues food we could resort to a crank I think they would work equily the same but, it would definently be easer to make a generator out of a lemon. If we where to use a potato i was told that we could soak it in elctrolights and it would make more elctrons. I have electrolights in a powder form if we decide to use potatoes.

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