Jessica Cote 9/18/08


“Food for Battery’s”

The science class has been assigned to power an electrical mixer that can make a bowl of pudding, but we have to make the mixer work with out plugging it in. (We have to make it all from man made power). For our group we have decided to try to make a battery out of food. Foods that we have so far discovered make batteries are, fruits and potatoes. The fruit works because fruit is very acidic and the more acid the better the electrical flow. The potato works because the juices in the potato work as electrons. One single lemon makes approximately (1) volt, the potato is the same. But as you add more fruit or potatoes the voltage gets stronger. If you where to cut up the fruit or potato you would find that for each slice the voltage is still approximately (1). That means that you could make one piece of fruit or potato into (3) or (4) volts.
If we end up using the food battery for the mixer project, we will set it up so that it can generate a generator (motor). To make the mixer work we need to make (6) volts of electricity. So we will need (2) lemons, if we were to use lemons, so that we could cut each one in to (3) pieces.
There are two items needed to make a battery, Zinc and copper. You can find these items in common households. Zink is found in nails that are galvanized. Copper can be found in pennies.

Items needed to make food battery:
(We will most likely be using lemons for a food)

(2) Lemons (large ones work better because they have more acids in them)
(6) Galvanized Nails (zinc)
(6) Pennies (copper)
(1) Knife
(5) Alligator clamp wires (red) this will be the positive wire)
(5) Alligator clamp wires (black) this will be the negative wire)
How to construct food battery:
First you need to cut the two lemons each in thirds so in all there should be (6) slices of lemon, cut the lemons with the knife. Next you have to stick a nail in each slice of lemon on the left side (don’t let the nail go all the way through just let 2 centimeters past the tip go in.) After that you need to stick a penny in each slice of the lemons on the right side. (Only let ½ of a centimeter of the penny go in.) Then you take the (red) alligator clamp wires and connect them to all of the pennies. You make it so that all of the lemons are connected threw the (red) wires (picture shown in figure A.)
Next you take the black alligator clamp wires and attach them to all of the nails the same way so that all of the lemons are connected threw both (black and red) wires. (Picture shown in figure A.) It is very important that you put the (red) alligator clamp wires only on the pennies and the (black) ones only on the nails. It is important because the nails are negative and the pennies are positive so they cannot be connected or the battery will not work. When you have constructed all of that, you have constructed your food battery.

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