An electrical generator is basely a motor; actually it is a motor. A motor is a machine that takes electrical energy and makes kinetic energy. An example of this is when you connect a battery to a motor the motor will start to spin. When the generator used it does the complete opposite of the process. It takes kinetic energy and makes it electrical energy. Like when a light is connected to a generator and you crank the generator the light will light up
How you make am electric generator is pretty basic, first you need the following…
1) Wire
2) Large magnets
3) A light bulb
4) A nail
5) Cardboard
And then you take the cardboard and cut it exactly to make a rectangular box. After you do this you take your nail and poke it through. Then after that you take four magnets and place them in the cardboard and center it. And then you take the wire and string it around the cardboard many times. After you done completing this, you take the wire and cut of the plastic and connect it to the generator. And then you are done making a simple electric generator. Spin it to make it work.
You may be wondering how this could possible work? The way an electric generator works, Is it uses magnets and wire to make a magnetic field, and then if you have wire move through the field, an electric current is formed. The electric current is a flow of electricity through a conductor. And through that current is passes to the light bulb and is able to make it light up. The faster sped you crank your generator the brighter the light will get.
Electric generators are so important. They supply light in an easy fashion. You can always tell when your generator is working, you fell it working as well as just seeing a light shine on. The generator gets harder to crank when it is connected to the bulb. This is kind of like rubbing your hands together. When you rub softly your hands are cold, but when you rub them fast they produce a lot more heat. An electrical generator is a very important machine, no matter what form it is used for, whether it be powering a school or a science project, it is very useful thing to know how to make.

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