Kaitlyn Markola
Sept. 19, 2008
Science and Technology


4 - 1x2x5cm cerami
c magnet: Edu. Innv M-700 2 for $1.95, or Radio Shk #64-1877, or CMS
1 - #30 Magnet wi re 200ft, Radio Shack spools #278-1345 $4.99
1 - Miniature Lamp, 1.5V 25mA Rad. Sh. #272-1139 $1.29, or All. LP-3 or #48 lamp
1 - Cardboard strip, 8cm x 30.4cm
1 - Large nail, 8cm long or more
Misc. - Knife or sandpaper to strip the wires
Misc. - tape to hold wire down
Optional: hand drill or electric drill to spin it (hand drill is best)

There's a video on how to make it. You have to take cardboard and fold it's like a cube. You but a nail through the center of it. Then you but the magnets into the cardboard. Then you wrap wire around the cardboard about 300 times. Then you connect the wire to the hot plate.

When the magnets spin they make electricity in the wires which make the hot plate warm. A magnet has two sides on it. The north side and the south side. If you put two north sides together or two south sides together then they move further away from each other. But if you put a north side and a south side together then they attract.

The way this generator works is the nail is working as a magnet and the other magnets push away from it causing them to spin. When the magnet spin the electricity that is caused by magnets goes through the wire and to the hot plate and heats up the water.

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