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Ask Jeeves Search Make a Simple Electric Generator:

This website gives brief information on how to generate electricity by using a magnet and a coil, it was a good idea, but you have to buy it as a kit, for that example. I will search up more about that technique later.

This website has lots of details into making a generator, it even includes a little video. [The video isn’t detailed, but like I said, if you scroll down there are lots of information, and other links for extra help] You don’t need much material, most of it you can get in the class room, but if you did need to pay for something it would cost around 5 dollars, which I don’t remember if we can do or not.
This is just one idea, but I don’t know if it would be that effective because you have to manually turn part of the generator, and it isn’t too much power.

Google Search: building a stronger powered generator

wasn’t too useful, it was yet another crank powered generator, and was basically the same as the other link

Google Search: different ways to power a generator

This website also talks about the copper wire technique, and a couple different ways to power a generator, but not in detail. “The most common method for generating electricity is moving a magnet around a conductor.”

Google Search: making a water powered generator

I am not finding much information on any of these sites, but this is just an example of a water powered generator. It says that using a generator that you crank can produce less power.

Google Search: classroom experiment homemade electric generator

Brought me here:

which brought me here

once again you have to buy something, but this is just an example of a way that you can use potatoes, and fruit, to make a generator, and most materials we might have in class also.

Ms. Thomas told me about this website:


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