Niamh's Research

Google Search: ways to generate power Some interesting things, not to helpful but does talk about wheels on a bike turning and creating electricity and has link in which there is a video of it.

Google Search: simple way to make a generator Video and directions of making a pretty simple looking generator. May need to generate more power, but is something to build off of.

Google Search: simply ways to generate power Probably was a waste of time but it had an interesting slightly over 1 minute video on Dutch scientists using kites to generate electricity

Google Search – Homemade Battery Helpful a bit, but probably just an idea to base something off. Shows the voltage of lemon and pepper.
Yahoo Answer Question No answers yet.

Google Search - shake generator This seems like something that could be made really easily. I think it will only make less then 2.1 volts though.
From Previous Website Much Simplier directions to the Previous one. It uses film canisters and wire and a magnet, kind of like the other generator.

Google Search: wind cardboard turbine build Could work but might take time…

Google Search: make a homemade battery Could be helpful, not sure of the power of this battery. This is like the one above with some slight changes… for instance, salt instead of lemon juice. Just another way to do it, this looked more powerful then the previous one. This seemed really helpful and powerful…. That was just interesting, really won’t work for our project

Google Search - Water Battery video on making battery that was helpful for mix. good, showed me voltage.
From Shelby's Page What i am going to research about batteries, to help me with my 2 page writing.

Research From Introduction To Lab Report Just a quick look at the dictionary definiton of Generator. The picture I used in the introduction

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