Nicole's Research Hw 1
This website told me about creating energy from kites. Within each kite, there was a kitegen, a pair of high resistance cables, and the kite itself is made from a type of material similar to one you would use to wind surf; ultra resistant, and light. Although this kite does create power, we would definitely need to create a much simpler version, with different raw materials. It would be tricky, but it could be done; which is why this website was helpful.
This website talked about using water to create energy. This was a household design. They use it in their own backyard; a water wheel connected to a pipeline so that water that comes out of it will go directly to the wheel. They even mentioned how old it was. People used water wheels a long time ago… and they still work efficiently. This website was very useful.This is a possibility that we could try out mostly because it isn't too difficult, but still very challenging.
This website may by helpful, but even if it was not, I felt that I needed to share it with you. It was so cool! This dance dance floor "bounces" and when it does, springs attached to crystal blocks squish it. This causes energy called piezoelectricity to be made, and then it flows to nearby batteries underneath the floor. Although we probably won't be able to use it, this was definitely a great idea, and it really works!
This website had amazing information! It had stuff about electrons, and all the basics. I would reccommend it because it is easy to understand, and it would probably be possible to create a different version of the project that they completed. This site was very helpful.

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