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Research on Brainstorming topic: Water Wheels/Turbines

Water wheels/water turbines can create a lot of energy. They are used in towns, households, and even in your own backyard.

Things you need you need to know in order to create a water wheel/water turbine…:

  • You need to have a wheel/propeller inside of the water wheel (or part of it) that is very flexible (can turn)
  • It needs to be hooked up, somehow, to a motor of some sort (you can't just make a water wheel without having it generate power…)

*Need to complete further research on how to hook it up to hot plate later*

Water turbines create power in many different ways…You can use them in your town, and even your households. They generate power because of the pressure that the water creates to spin the wheel, and because of how fast the wheel spins. If you were to create a simple one (probable like I am going to try…) and use a faucet to control where the water comes out, then you would only need to make a simple machine in order to create an adequate amount of energy. Therefore, since this is part of the brainstorming process, and it is our prototype, the simple version of a water wheel is definitely suitable.

The idea that I got from this website: is that I will creating my prototype out of some sort of a jug, and use a waterfaucet to test it to see if it works. I will also be using the (for lack of a better word) voltometer to check the voltage that the turbine will create to see if it will be enough to work the hot plate, and if not, I will find out if I have to improve it.

I will also need to create a shaft (the spinning part in the middle of a motor that transfers the power) and an alternator for the "motor". This Iz can use with raw materials…(I will have to look at my options…)

Information on brainstorming topic: Water Wheels/Turbines (essay HW)

(Info on the brainstorming part of this page…i want to have enough information before I attempt to start this…)

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