Nicole's Research Hw 4

Rough-ish Draft


  • Include Background on Water Turbines
  • Include how it works (simple version with easy motor)
  • Include the science behind it

Simple and easy water turbine:
-Some background on Water Turbines is that they can be used in about anyplace, even in your owm backyard! They are similar to water wheels in their appearance and how they work, but turbines can create/generate energy.
-It works by having water flow through the propeller-like runner, which turns it in a spinning motion. There is an axle/rod that sticks through the middle of the runner, so that if you grasped the rod and spinned it with your fingers, the propeller would move as well. If the rod is a type of metal that is magnetic, you can use it to generate electricity. This is the type of rod that you will need (iron works well). Then, if you coil enamel coated wire around the metal rod about a few hundred times, it will become thick.

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