Nicole S Scince Research Hw
This site shared information on generating power from kites. The actual kite needs to contain a kitegen, a pair of high resistance cables, and the kite is similar to one that you would use for kite surfing; lgith, very resistant, and it can go extrmely high; about 2,000 meters. It can generate as much energy as a nuclear power plant. This site was useful, but I don't think we'll be using kites to power our hot plates.
This site is helpful if you want to learn how to create power from food: its main point was tht you can create energy from any type of citrus fruit; orange, grapefruit, tomato, lemon, and so on. It would be useful because it is very possible that we could use a food as a part of our power generator.
This site was very cool, and informational. it explained all about using water to generate power. People have create turbines in their own backyard to use the water to create the energy. This is highly possible, we would just need the materials. Therefore, this site was definitely helpful.
This website talked about many different, new ways of generating power. For example, it talked about solar power, steam power (by use of a turbine), fuel batteries, and geothermal power. Although we probably wouldn't be able to create most of this stuff, we can definitely try to create a different version with the same ide, and it would definitely be possible, and helpful.
This didn'[t end up being a site that we could use, but it is definitely informational, and I REALLY wanted to show it to you guys…in the UK, they have a power generating dance floor. I KNOW!! When the people dance on the springy floor, the springs underneath the floor squash certain crystals. When the cistals are squished between the floor and the spring, it creates a certain type of electricity called piezoelectricity. The electricity created flows into nearby batteries under the floor, storing the energy. I just thought that this was so cool, so I wanted to share it!!!!!

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