Noelle's Research Hw

Noelle's Research Homework 9/10/08

Potato energy
This site is great for learning how to create energy from a potato, it has step by step directions and a lot of helpful comments and advice. (it has numbers and conversions telling the voltage etc)

This site has a lot of interesting, and somewhat helpful information. With detailed defitnions on different ways power in generated, along with many links and photos. Although this site does not spacific help to create what is asked for in this current project

Haha….well seeing our technical “budget” is two dollars….I don’t think this site will be too helpful. J

This site has information on winkdpower…I think it seams pretty helpful-showing their most successful windmills and the sizes etc. also has well photographed pictures.

This article is really cool…I kind of want to look more into this and try it out to figure out away maybe to converge it in some way. Although I’m not sure if the phones work against the constraints….

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