Pinky (Waldo)

this site would be useful if we had the ability to use a lawnmower, which we don't so this site doesn't help me out much with the task at hand so this site is good, but it didn't help much since we can't use a lawnmower on this project. The person did do a good job at describing how he made it, so he gets points for that. Overall, if we could have used a lawn mower, I probably would have considered this idea, but we can't so this idea is out of the question.

I found this site useful for our project since potatoes are relatively cheap, so we are most likely going to be able to use them. The potato battery may seem cliche for a school project, but it will work so I am highly considering a potato battery. The only problem I have is that how many potatoes will it take to power a 10-minute operation? Overall though, I like this idea for using a potato as a generator, because it is cheap, easy, and it works.

This site was EXTREMELY useful. I didn't know how a potato can work as a battery, but this worked REALLY well in helping me understand the process amd how it all works. I highly recommend this site to people using a potato as a battery for this project because it describes the entire thing as a class experiment (which is what it is supposed to be used for), which does set it down a ways since we can't do the whole thing, but in telling us how to make the battery and how it works, this site gets a 5/5!

A great source of how to hook up all the stuff, and good sources of getting the materials you need, and a picture to hook them up.

THIS SITE WAS ALSO INCREDIBLY USEFUL! I actually learned in a good sense how batteries work! I am glad I was able to find this site!

Brain (Jackson)

google searched cheap easy way to make a generator windbelts 500 wats a belt not helpful because the parts are too expensive how to build a solar generator. Uses car parts and panels that are expensive.

google search homemade generators

Troy (Troy)

this website helped me figure out how to make a wind generator but it didnt really help with where i can buy the parts for it cheaper than $2.00

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