Paul S Research

I first looked at potatoe batteries:

the first website shows how to make one…..

this could be an effective powersource, but its meant to power digital clocks….

I went to this website

But it was only advertising a kit

I looked at a youtube account called Household hacker, he made an ipod charge by using a jalapeno

But it didnt prove helpful to me.

I should look at other ways to make generators or batteries.

Tonight I tried to look at other battery sources of power, I was to brainstorm a few ideas I came up with

Make a crank powered engine?
find a way to create a battery
which corresponds to potato/lemon
I am really finding ALOT of difficulties with this project, we havnt conducted any expirements for these ideas, were still on the idea board, and I cant find a way to power this hotplate.

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