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Topics to Consider

Drinking Water Systems

  • What happens at a water treatment plant
  • Water purification in third world countries
  • Asbestos in Duluth Minnesota
  • Carcinogens in LA drinking water
  • Milwaukee drinking water deaths (400,000 people got sick)
  • Bacteria in DC water
  • Arsenic in Albuquerque
  • Rocket Fuel in Las Vegas and San Diego
  • Newark, New Jersey Lead
  • Portland Oregon Lead
  • Lead in DC Drinking water
  • Contamination of wells G and H in Woburn, MA

Dam and Levee Failures

  • Teton Dam Failure
  • New Orleans and Hurricane Katrina
  • Failure of Tailings dam near Sevilla, Spain
  • Failure of tailings dam on Buffalo Creek, West Virginia
  • Folsom Dam Failure

Sewer Systems

  • What happens to waste when you flush your toilet.
  • March 2007 sewage spill in Panama City Beach, FL (into Grand Lagoon)
  • January 2007, 5million gallons spilled into Richardson and San Fransisco bays
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