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Energy Project: ~Richele and Martina~

statement of need:

we need to create an electric generator out of raw materials found in class that doesnt have a voltage larger than 10V that has two output wires. with this generator we need to be able to power a hot plate that will boil water in less then ten minutes. we need to follow the design process while creating and researching our project.

Martina and richele together getting websites:
we typed in generators on

this website looks really helpful but we may need to find an alternative for a battery. Because we are not able to use all common products we have to make everything.

this site is helpful and easy to follow. it has simple steps. We are able to use all of the products.

this one is good but it may cost a little bit more than allowed. The supplies we need for this are going to cost alot. So although this would be really cool to make we cannot make it for this project.

i typed in easy ways to make a generator at home. Also, how to make a generator on

this is easy to make, although it might take alot of work to generate electricity. Due to the fact that it needs to constantly be moved.

this website looks interesting but it will be really hard to do with the limited amount of hardware and money that we have.

this is a website that most likely will not help us at all because we need to get so many things for this project. i do not think that this website will help anybody really for this particular project unless people have all this stuff at home.

this website looks like a really easy and good way to make a cheap and working generator. there are really simple materials that we need to do this.

im not sure how good this website its not the best one that i have seen but it definatly wanst the worst one that i've seen.

this is not really that reliable as a source because it has alot of semi- expensive things that i dont have at home. And we can not get for cheap at stores.

im researching the micro hydro generators.
i googled "simple build your own electric motors"
this website shows an electric motor. it uses a battery and it doesnt tell you how to make it because the author wants you to buy a kit that he put together. this website wouldnt work for our project because its already put together, it has a battery and its not raw materials. i think that the only good part about this website is that it has a good visual at the top.
this website shows how to make a "beakman's electric motor". i really liked the way that this website was put together. it has a bunch of helpful and simple diagrams. it looks like an easy website to follow. the only thing is that it uses a battery again. i think that we can still use this one to get some ideas and help from if we need it.
this website shows an electric motor that does not use a battery. it seems really simple to put together and looks like we could use other information to improve the design of it or develop it more. it also uses simple materials; all of which we have access to.
this site has lots of options of how to make motors. they are all electric motors, just with different power systems. they all have different ways of generating electricity. some of them use batteries, and others dont. you can find lots of energy alternetives here.

i googled do it yourself micro hydro power generators.
this website is about micro hydro energy. its a really good website because it shows all of the pros and cons of this type of generator. it has a video showing a working water turbine generating energy in a small river. it talks about differnt myths and misconseptions about micro hydro energy. its more of an informational website than a directional one that will help you build a turbine.
this is a really good website for finding out how to build a micro hydro generator. it has a full process with directions and pictures telling you how to make or build your own water powered generator.


1. i noticed that in alot of the websites i looked at they said i need a magnet. so a magnet is most likely going to be a part of our generator.

2. also in all of them there is one source of energy. one of them i saw had bike pedels where another had a battery. so we are going to need to figure out what will be our source of power.

3. i think it will be difficult to find a motor that doesnt use a battery, so i think that we will need to try different things until we find one that works.

4. we decided that we are going to use for our generator. this is the best one and doesnt involve a battery.

5. maybe we can use something more sturdy then cardboard for the box part.

6. the instructions show how to connect the generator to a light bulb, so we will need to know how to connect it to the hot plate instead.

7. the page doesnt say how much electricity it generates, so we will need to measure that and make sure that its enough but not too much.

8. we need to find a way to keep the nail spinning fast.

9. we also need to figure out how to raise the the amount of electricity it generates if it is not enough.

10. then we need to get ALL of the supplies that we need to create this generator.

11. after that we need to be able to put all of the peices together so that they all work.

12. then after that we have to fix anything that went wrong and think about what we can do next time so that we dont run into any problems.

13. there are lots of different methods for powering your genorator, including a micro hydro generator. this one looks hard to build but worth it.

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