Ruby Pizarro
Ms. Thomas
Science and Engineering

I decided that I wanted my project to have different types of parts attached to it. I thought that my project wasn’t that difficult than I imagined it would be I thought it was really interesting. I really had fun doing this project by myself, I had a little demonstration on how to do it but I figured it out. I went on Google and I googled how to make an easy motor. It showed me a picture of a kid with a motor so his motor had a battery, wire, tape and a handle to hold the battery. So I cut a piece of wood that was squared, I got some wire, tape, a battery. I kind of did it different than the original project than how the main person did it. I didn’t have a tool to hold the battery so I held it myself. First I took the wire and I scrapped all the hard core off. After I did that I took two paper clips and I attached them to it. When I finished doing that I taped the whole entire project together. Two long pieces of wire were at the end of the project so that they can be attached to the battery. I really didn’t have a choice but
to hold my battery. So when it finally came out to be my project came out to be fantastic. It worked just as I expected. I really didn’t know it was going to work on my first try, but it did and I’m so happy. I think this project will help my group mainly because our project will already have a motor. That is my project.

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