Ruby Zach Rebecca Ashaley And Julie Energy Project

Group 1 - Zach and cam

Group 2 - Julie, Rebecca, Ruby


resarching how to make a rubber band motor for the paper.

:searched how to make motor

this websit shows how to make a easy motor. it list the meterals needed and the steps to make it.

show defernt ways to produce energy,like a windmill and solor power

this video show how the disiane of a ruber mill well works and how affectof it is

this shows how to amke a solor power oven that gets to a tepature hot anofe to boil water
but needs to be motafie to get to that tempature faster.


searched how to make electricity out of a potato
This website shows really intresting things like how to make electricity out of a potato.
This site shows how to make electricity and easy ways to make it.

How to make a battery power potato, it is easy to folow with its pictures

video on how to make a gerenator. very easy to follow.


How to make a solar power genarator first usingpast easily available from your local home you can make a small solar power genarator by:You'll need a DC to AC power inverter. Recommend a 175W power inverter. You are looking for a power inverter such as this. . You would need a wooden box or preferably a plastic cooler simply because of the waterproofing that it would provide. Grab a drill, some insulated wiring and your wits and drill out a spot on the box or cooler. These instructions will sound difficult, but they are a lot easier when you have the items in front of you.


google search- how to make a potato battery
This website is very useful, it has a 7 minute video of how to make a working battery out of a potato; it was pretty easy how to understand what was going on.
This website can be useful but there are not a lot of steps so im not sure if it is all that useful. it gave a diagram of what it looks like and 6 steps and what you need to make the battery work.


ask search: how to make a generator
this website tells how to make a generator out of wood.It should help.
this wbeite is very helpful because it tells how to make a generator and it shows pictures. also, it is step by step.
this wbsite explanes how to make a hand cranked generator.this should help.
This one is about a wind generator. it uses wood and it is bsically just wood

we want to do a fan with a rubberband,then a power by a light
but we have to make the light.We also want to make electricity out of a potato
we also want to make a battery with wires.We also might use the ideas of using a chair as a

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