Second Step


Google searched: orange battery
This website showed a picture of how to make an orange battery, which is very interesting. It could possibly be better than a lemon or potato, but I'm not really sure yet. If we would choose this idea, then we would have to explore more on this topic. This is just a lead on another idea in case other ideas don't really agree with the requirements on the project. searched: Simple DC electric generator
Well this is an animation of a DC electric generator and an explanation of how it works. Since we will have to deal with DC and not AC, this is probably a good way to learn more about DC generators. Still, I'm not sure how we can use this in our project, but who knows? This could be very useful information in the future. searched: making a battery
Well, according to this website, this battery won't be able to light up a light bulb, so, it can't possibly make make a mixer work and make pudding. Still, this can give us a lead about what items to use in our project, and what can cause electricity.
This is a website that shows directions for making a lemon battery. This seems to be very organized, with bullet points for materials and there are steps as well. It can only power up half a volt, so it probably won't power the mixer just by itself. Maybe, if many of these are made and then connected together, then possibly, it might actually be able to power up the mixer and solve our problems about what kind of battery to make. searched: Which fruit is the best battery
This website shows a science project that Keegan P. worked on. He experimented with fifteen fruit and vegetables to see which one made the best battery according to its voltage. He found out that grapefruits were the best alternative (0.91 volts) and that potatoes did the worst in his experiment. It only worked better than distilled water, which did not show any sign of voltage whatsoever.

This website tells you haw to make a battery using coins and could be helpful as an energy source.
This website shows you how to make a simple generator for lighting a light bulb using simple steps. It could be revised to power a mixer.
This website also shows you how to make a simple generator and also a solar powered generator. The solar powered generator uses batteries thoough.
I thought that using a human powered generator might be easiest. This website shows you haw to make a crank generator. All you do is turn the crank and it generates electricity.
This is just an explanation of what a generator is. We will need to know what it is in order tho make one but wikipedia is not always reliable so it might not all be true.
I learned that people have begun harnessing electricity from the waves. Even though we probably couldn't do that its pretty interesting to think about.
This is a really short page on how steam energy works and how its used. Its easy for understanding the basics of steam energy.
This is step by step instructions on how to make a home made solar panel.


Google searched: how to make a generator

You put work into a generator—turning it with steam, water, and wind — came frome website. very interesting to know some of the components of to what will make the generator work. this site wasn't the greatest. it had basically no information.

This website was much better it gave a little more info . I found out that generators are devices that produce electricity which kind of makes sense.

Google searched: How to make a battery

This website made me very happy. It told be about how to make a battery out of a potato which has been very intersting to me. I basically found out that one potato give off about 1-1.5 volts.

Google searched: How many volts in a lemon battery

On this website I found out how much voltage a lemon battery would create. I found out it would create 1 volt.

Ask Jeeves searched: Make your own battery

I was thinkign this website was just gonna give me the materials and tell me to do it, but i was wrong. It took me through step by step procedures. It told me that one lemon produces about 1 volt of electricty, to make a battery . Its really cool .

Ask Jeeves searched: Make Potato battery

This website went against with what the other potato site said. This one said that one potato will only take care of .5 volts when the other said it would create 1 . Its hard to tell who to belive.

Google Searched: How to make citrus batteries.

This website was really good. It showed me different types of fruits and vegetables that are citric. It gave me a very wide option of fruit to use. So, maybe we could make a battery out of a vegetable or fruit.

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