Shelby's Research

Google Search: kinetic homemade generator

On this website, it shows the inside workings of a wind turbine, gears and all. It could be helpful in building.

Google Search: crank homemade generator

It wasn't really that helpful. It showed a crank through a screwdriver. It might be a good source for some information, though.

Not helpful at all. Just a site to sell plans to build one, not the plans themselves.

Doesn't show specific plans, but gives advice on different parts and could be a good springboard.

Google Search: How generator work

It tells how a generator works, and how magnets can push electrons through a wire.
It might be helpful if we come up with the idea to use a magnetic generator.

Google Search: DIY crank generator

I found this website, which gives complete steps and descriptions of making a crank generator.
I followed a link from the page, which brought me to this:

This website gave complete steps and descriptions on making a shake generator. By putting a magnet in a container that has wire coils wrapped around it and shaking it, it continually moves the electrons in the magnetic field and forces them through the wires.

Google Search: homemade battery

This is a step by step explanation of how to make a homemade battery.

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