Step 3

Micro-hydro and Wind Generated Research:


The type of generator I'm focusing on is a micro-hydro generator. I already had one website, the site that I originally found the idea from, and since it seemed like it was the most thorough and explanitory, I am going to re-post it here.
This website, as I have said before, really gives a strong step by step description of how to create the micro-hydro turbine, and I think it will help me a lot when I try to create it.
I research "micro-hydro electric generators" to see what information I could find.
I found this website:
It focuses on creating an industrial-like turbine, but it explains the process of micro-hydro turbines and it helped me think of it more clearly. It helped me understand it a lot more because it thorougly defines how it can create electricity.
It was really difficult to find websites specifically for this type of generator. Even though I did not find that many websites, I think the information I have found is a stable amount.

The type of generator I am working on is a wind powered generator. This website was previously used in our research, and it is a great example of what I will be doing:
This website uses awesome visuals, that pretty much explains themselves. It focuses more on the wind, and propellers, and what electricity can come out of it's motion. There are some good simple facts that don't make it look too complicated, and could help me figure out what.
It was really hard to find another website that showed how a simple wind powered generator works, so I then looked up "electromagnet generator" on google, and I got this website:
This shows how a generator works in a different way then i have seem. It uses a hand crank instead of propellers, but that can be changed if we wanted to use that idea.
I was very surprised to find that there were not very many that described a generator that goes best with wind power. With the research and info I already have, I think i can come up with a successful prototype of the wind powered generator.


Nichole-I felt as if I had a pretty good amount of research for the micro-hydro turbine I'm focusing on, so instead I spent more time on writing my paper.

Aj- A found one website that was posted on the wiki a while ago by Ms. Thomas, and a part of this article I used in my own research:
This a great website that explains very clearly how a motor works. Anyone could understand it. It has step by step instructions, separated by different links on the page. This make it a lot more approachable, and less intimidating to understand.


Aj- I think that I have a pretty sufficient amount of research, so I decided to mainly work on my paper by using what I have learned, and changing it into my own words.

Brainstorming Ideas

1. Create energy to somehow power hot plate (still an idea in progress)

2. Make our own electric motor, to generate energy.

3. Using wind, to propel wings, and create electricity for a generator
- Use a piece of paper or something to blow into it, so we don't have to go outside.

4. Make a belt or gear hand powered generator to crank out electricity.

5. Take the peddles of a bike to use as a crank for a hand powered generator.

6. Use solar panels to heat hot plate.

7. The cardboard box and wire idea.

8. Take the gears from a bike to make a gear hand powered generator.

9. Wrap wire around a computer chair multiple times, and spinning it forcibly around to make electricity.

10. A hydroelectric powered generator, using water to make electricity.

11. Use static electricity.

12. Attach a magnet to a drill, and spin around a nail and coil. This uses a drill, but is still an idea to modify.

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