Step 3

Brainstorming Ideas…

1. A wind powered generator, similar to the one from:
——Using our hands or a piece of paper to create wind for a wind powered generator, so we don't have to go outside.

2. A way to turn the generator so that it exerts energy to the hot plate (this idea is still a work in progress).

3. A gear or belt hand powered motor, that we could have to crank to create electricity.

4. A generator using wire and spinning magnets.

5. A micro-hydro system that we put water on to make it spin and create energy.

6. Winding a whole lot of wire around the bottom of a spinning chair and forcefully spinning it. (this probably won't work)

8. Use pedals from a bike for hand powered generator.

9. Use the motion of pulling to create energy.

10. Use the gears from a bike to a make generator.

11. Create static electricity, and use it as our source of power.

12. Cardboard box and wire idea.

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