T3daily Schedule

Friday March 13th


  • There will be lecture on avoiding delays for those interested in working on this.
  • Continue working on the light blinking project (Demo to Ms. Thomas when done)
    • Nothing happens until the play button is pressed
    • When play button is pressed, the lights start blinking
    • When it is pressed again they stop
    • This behavior continues forever (or until advance button is pressed)
  • Help make your robot safe! (Demo for Ms. Thomas when each part is complete)
    • Start a new project and modify your light project so that the robot drives when it set down, and stops when it is picked up.
    • Once that works, add some functionality so that sees cliffs and won't drive off a table.


  • Come see me if you need help!
  • Divide up tasks
  • Study for short test on bridges that you will take after your bridge is tested. (Use the purple page you took home to study from!
  • In two weeks, lunch groups will start meeting on Tuesdays to discuss and answer questions on part 3. On Monday you will get the packets, so think about if you want to try. (Required for an A in modeling this trimester.)
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