Team Frosted Flakes Step 3

1. A lemon (Janelle)
2. A potato battery (Devinne)
3. Decreasing the pressure to change the boiling point of the water (Erika)

Solution: potato battery

The power of the battery comes from the electro-chemical reaction of zinc with copper.

The potato does not participate directly in the reaction. It is there rather than an electrolyte to facilitate the transport of the zinc and copper ions in the solution

While keeping the copper and zinc fingers apart.

The six potato steps to make a battery:

#1) put one end of the steel wire into one end of the potato

#2) stick one end of the copper wire into the other end of the potato.

#3) connect the negative probe of the meter to the steel wire.

#4) connect the positive probe of the meter to the copper wire (the meter should read about a half a volt).

#5) try moving the two wires together to see if the voltage changes.

#6) the voltage exists because of the chemical action of the potato and the steel and copper wire.

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