Third Step

Carrie - Idea # 1 (I plan to do a lemon experiment or some citrus fruit experiment of some kind.)

Emily - Idea # 5 (Crank generator experiment)

Jenzel - Idea # 6 (Using solar panels to power up the generator and power up the mixer)

1. The more Citrus a fruit contains, the more voltage we may be able to produce. And the more citrus fruits we use, the more total Voltage will create.

2. Maybe, if we dipped the fruits in lemon juice or something, it might give it more voltage and increase the amount of volts so that we can power up the hot plate and for a longer period of time also.

3. If we increased the amount of pennies and nails that we put in the fruits, it could help heat up the hot plate faster, making the water boil at a quicker pace.

4. Possibly just using juice from a citrus fruit instead of the fruit itself might be a better idea and can power up the hot plate faster.

5. Maybe, if we used a crank generator, we could make it so that it could generate more power with or without the citrus fruits. I found this website online, so we can just keep coming back to it when we need to.

6. Maybe, if the citrus fruit idea or the crank generator idea doesn't really work out, we can try to make a solar-powered generator. This seems like a long shot though, because we have to make our own solar panels, and we will be depending on the weather as well. If there is no sun out, this won't work.

7. We could use a hamster/mouse/rat in a wheel connected to the motor. By using the wheel's motion (created by the hamster), it can power up the motor, thus creating electricity to power up the mixer.

8. Instead of using the fruits/vegetables and connecting it to the hot plate itself, maybe by connecting it to a generator will power up the mixer faster.

9. Somehow, we can use water to power up the motor and produce electricity. If we create a strong enough current of water, then that could continuously turn the motor and power up the mixer.

10. We can use wind energy to turn the motor and power up the hot plate that way. Maybe, blowing on it or a fan can turn it…?

11. My dad told me that people have started trying to make energy by using waves. I researched it and it seemed pretty interesting.

12. We could use steam energy to turn the generator. This could be a little complicated and we'd need to research more.

13. I have heard that you can burn wood to make electricity. I don't know how it's done though because all the sites I visited told me that its better for the environment, nothing useful.

14. Well, we can possibly have the fruit dipped in an energy drink of some kind (such as Amp, Rockstar, etc.) and that could help power up the mixer. That is because energy drinks have electrolytes, which can probably help the fruit power the mixer up.

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