Quarter 2

After Winter Vacation

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
January 5th Calculating Probability of Independent Events January 6th Check Up Quiz 4, Probability. Finding Probability of Dependent Events 7th Snow Day! 8th Group A: More Independent and Dependent Events 9th Quiz on Probability for all
12th MWP Permutations and Combinations 13th CU Quiz Perm and Comb More work with Perm and Comb 14th Group A more with Perm and Comb Group B Disjoint and Overlap Events 15th NO CLASS FIELD TRIP 16th Quiz on Perm and Comb, Ms. Jensen out
19th NO SCHOOL MLK DAY 20th NO SCHOOL STAFF DAY 21st MCAS Probability of Circle Graphs MCAS Probability Practice Overlapping and Disjoint Events
26th -CU Quiz Probability, Probability Project 27th Probability Project 28th Probability Project 29th Probability Project 30th Probability Project
Feb 2, last day of Q2, Final Exam
10th MWP Scientific Notation No School 12 Scientific Notation 13th Check Up Quiz Scientific Notation Order of Operations Review 14th Introduction to Add, Subtract Integers
17th MWP Rules for Add, Subtract Integers 18th Add, Subtract Integers 19th Check Up Quiz Add, Subtract Integers Multiply, Divide Integers 20th Review Integers for Quiz 21st Quiz on Integers, Scientific Notation, Absolute Value
24th MWP Mean, Median, Mode- focus on calculating Mean 25th Stem and Leaf, Min, Max, Median 26th 1/2 Day- DEFA- Game Day 27th No School, Thanksgiving 28th No School
December 1 MWP Mean, Median, Mode, Range- focus on Mode and Range 2 Quiz on M,M,M,R Introduce Graphing 3rd Graphing Project (circle graphs, histograms, line graphs, using Excel) 4th Graphing Project 5th Check Up Quiz, Graphing Graphing Project
8th MPSP Exam 9th Graphing Project 10th Graphing Project 11th Graphing Project 12th SNOW DAY!
15th Graphing Project 16th Graphing Project due at the beginning of class, Introduction to Probability 17th Work with Experimental and Theoretical Probability 18th Check Up Quiz, Tree Diagrams, Independent Events 19th NO CLASS FIELD TRIP
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