Baking Soda And Vinegar 1

Baking Soda + Vinegar Challenge 1

To find the ratio of baking soda to vinegar that makes your ping pong ball go the highest using only 50 g TOTAL of reactants (baking soda + vinegar).

1. Come up with a written plan of what you are going to test and how you are going to collect your data.
2. Make a hypothesis
3. Get plan approved by Ms. Jensen or Peggy.
3A. Take Peggy's "Clean Up" Course.
4. Test (be sure to add 3 drops of liquid soap to each test) and collect data.
5. Graph data on graphing overhead.
6. Submit "best combination" on overhead.

You must work in your assigned 1/2 cohort (you may share data with other groups but you must perform your own experiments).
You are only allowed 200 g baking soda and 200 g vinegar for your trials. Because the density of vinegar is 1 g/mL, you may measure vinegar in mL (1 mL = 1 g).

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