Baking Soda And Vinegar 2

Baking Soda and Vinegar Challenge 2

Baking Soda and Vinegar Challenge 2

½ Cohort Name (color, name):

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Custodian: _ Hurry-along-er: __

Goal: Using a limit of 30 g total reactants (30 g = baking soda + vinegar), make your soap bubbles go the highest the possible height.
*the vinegar is diluted to a strength of 2.5% acetic acid

1.Determine mathematically your hypothesis as to the best ratio of baking soda to vinegar. Post hypothesis on the wiki.
2.Design an experiment to check your hypothesis.
3.Perform experiment, collect data, post data on wiki appropriately (table and graph).
4.Analyze results

You must work in a half cohort group.
You must be able to show the calculations to back up your reasoning for your hypothesis before you can test your hypothesis. If you are struggling with this, please seek assistance from the other half of your cohort.
You must also have a plan as to how you will know that you found the best possible height
Data must be collected and recorded in a table and a graph and posted on your cohort's wiki page.
All members of your group need to agree on the hypothesis.
All members of the group need to know how to use the scale, perform a trial, and record results.

You may only use 30 g of total reactants in each trial.
You may only do up to 4 total trials (1 to check your hypothesis and up to 3 of them to determine if your hypothesis was correct).
The class will have a total of 2 hours for this entire process.

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