Biology Cell Unit

Biology Reading Notes

What are Protists?
Protist equals the diversity between cells, hetero/auto trophs, and movement. They are eukaryotes that can’t be classified as fungi, plants or animals.

What are animal-like protests?
Animal-like protests are also called protozoans. Protozoans sometimes have pseudo pods. Pseudo pods are arms that grab and eat. Protozoans that are parasites-live off of another animal.

What are plant-like protists?
Plant-like protists are commonly known as algae. Algae live off of the surfaces of ponds, lakes and oceans. They light up the oceans surface when disturbed by passing boats.

What are fungus-like protists?
Like fungi, fungus like protists are hetero trophs that have cell walls and use spores to reproduce. All fungus-like protists can move by using slime molds, or water molds. Slime molds start as amoeba-like cells. They feed on microorganisms and bacteria. Water molds live in moist places, look like fuzz, and led to the Irish Famine in 1845.

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