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King Reseach Paper Topics

Red Cohort:
Josh- Plasma
eric- human body elements
erik-H2Os part in the body
alyssa- rock crystals
isabelle-acid-base rxn

Blue Cohort:
Andrew M. - How hybrid cars work
Andrew R. - static electricity, and what causes it
Tom - Hydrogen Fuel Cell, construction and how it works
Tori - history of soap making
Cairo - Differnce between tap water and bottled water
Jake - How electric cars work
Quinn - how solar panels work, how they convert sun
Ben - what happens when matter and anti-matter meet

Yellow Cohort:
Corey-Ionic/covalent bonding
Jake C-How the atom bond is made
Mike-Water Tension
Charlotte-Digestive System
Adam-Sound going through different types of matter
Chris G- Sublimation of dry ice
Chris W- How the atom bomb affected Hiroshima
Great Chemistry Resource. Very readable.

Useful Sources for Independent Project Ideas
From this site you can choose numerous branches of chemistry and view project abstracts and samples for for all grade levels. Scroll down to see links.
Science fair resources. Topics, ideas, sample projects, resources.
Chemistry in the news.
Chemistry resources.

Citing Sources
Click on book, article, or internet source. See instructions and examples.

Creating A Technical Poster

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