Alyssa's BSV Lab Practial Analysis



Ratio(V/Bs) Height
Test 1 55/5 60
Test 2 49/11 65
Test 3 50/10 70
Test 4 57/3 50



We were only aloud 60g max of 80% Baking Soda and 5% Acidic acid in our experiment.

The hard part of this project was calculating what combination of baking soda and vinegar would make the ping-pong ball go the highest. When I finished my calculations the results came out as 4.83g of baking soda and 55.17g of vinegar. Before I could preform the experiment I had to pick another combination of baking soda and vinegar without using my calculations. I came up with 11g of baking soda and 49g of vinegar. The first combination only went 60cm high, That was the one were I spent 2 hours doing the calculation.The one that I came up with out of no were went up 65cm. I also compared my results with another another person's results. I could have made some mistakes. I may not have cleaned the tubes all the way our I could have measured wrong. I could have also put in to much soap If could do this again i would probably make sure my measurements were correct and clean out the tube a little better. I've learned a lot about chemistry in this one week. I learned of a calculation method to find the best results and I found out the element's in Baking soda and vinegar.

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